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The year 2020 started with the fearsome threat of Covid 19 virus and with in a short span it spread all over the world causing a pandemic that took away many human lives. Nation after nation imposed lock out and people all over the world were under kind of house arrest in a phased manner. The hospitals, the medical staff was put under tremendous pressure, that they had to work for the patients under the threat of loosing their own lives due to the venomous virus. Although, now many countries have decided to return to normal life, no one really knows when the pandemic will be over. Will we be able to breathe without masks is still a question mark.

The effect of pandemic is such that the entire human race is in a locked up state, business activities coming to a halt, no meetings, no travel, no outside activities. All the work stopped, all factories got locked, all manufacturing activities stopped. Demands reduced and economic situation became so critical that a common man started fearing a jobless, money less condition. This is possibly is the time that we need to think differently. Working from home, a word that has become so common in past 4-5 months, needs to get its real meaning.

This is an attempt by us that we create a platform through Impact Wisdom Tree so that our friends, customers and many well wishers will have an opportunity to express themselves, their needs, their difficulties and let us try to find some solutions. This will bring us out of isolation and we may be able to work towards job creation and keeping our hopes alive.

Please join hands with us,and let us work towards making our living meaningful. We will fight against all odds and we will certainly have bright future ahead.

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Shrikrishna Prabhakar Vaidya

Mechanical & Electrical engineer with 33+ years experience in manufacturing engineering, particularly in metal cutting processes and machine tools.

Working as a freelance consultant in manufacturing for last 15 years.