Impact Wisdom Tree – 2


It is said that ‘ The one who knows and knows  that he knows is a great man, follow him’. It is also said that ‘ The one who does not know, but knows that he does not know should seek help from others”. We find ourselves to be in the second category and that is why we are looking for help to know the unknown.  We have been working on machine tools, manufacturing processes for more than 40 years now and have interactions with many of our esteemed customers. With the knowledge and experience that we gained, the success and failures that we faced, the trials and errors to correct ourselves that we made, we added a lot of value to ourselves in our life. Our desire to learn more, work more is still not diminished and with the advent of the modern technology we get lured to be a part of this new AI (Artificial Intelligence)age.

Impact – Wisdom Tree  – Blog – is an attempt to communicate with many and come out with some ways to help each other for resolving some of the manufacturing needs of present time. Although now a days solution of every problem is searched on Google, eventually some dialogue, interaction is essential between the two parties – the needy and service provider. And we notice that this is becoming very difficult day by day, not because the people involved are not interested, but it is because various constraints under which they have to perform. Time has become scarce commodity due to multifaceted activities the employees and seniors perform. They have huge mails with many attachments, they have many meetings, they have to visit various places, they have to make long calls to various people. This all has led to a situation that one does not have time – quality time – to think. Let us come together under this Wisdom tree and find solutions. Throw your requirements of machine tools and we will help you out providing alternatives. This  will be interactive and we will guide you through to reach a win win situation for all of us.

We will discuss about the following:

  • Machine Tool Procurement Activity
    • Requirements
    • Costs – Payback and ROI
    • Best modes of manufacture
    • Machine Inspection
  • Machines and Equipment – we represent
    • Gear Manufacturing Machines
    • Turning Machines
    • Machining Centers
    • Special Machine
    • Pattern , dies and moulds
    • Special Machines for Fuel Injection Component
  • Manufacturing Processes
    • Various manufacturing Processes – New trends
    • Productivity
    • Quality
  • Special Processes
    • Heat Treatment
    • Cold Forming
  • Special Machines
    • Cam and Crankshaft Milling
    • Bar Straightening Machines
    • Head Changers


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Shrikrishna Prabhakar Vaidya

Mechanical & Electrical engineer with 33+ years experience in manufacturing engineering, particularly in metal cutting processes and machine tools.

Working as a freelance consultant in manufacturing for last 15 years.