camshaft is a shaft that has cam lobes on it which operate the valves in an internal combustion engine.

For Camshaft manufacturing, we have following machining process solutions:

  1. Turning: Shimada
  2. Cam Milling: Kataoka Milling Machine
  3. Straightening: Towa Seiki NC Straightening Press
  4. Cam & Journal Grinding: Kataoka Cam & Journal Grinder


Machining ProcessManufacturersType of Equipment
TurningShimadaTurning Machine
Facing & Centering KataokaSpecial Machine
Cam MillingKataokaMilling Machines
StraighteningTowa-SeikiStraightening Press
Cam & Journal GrindingKataokaGrinding Machine
Multimedia Asset (Click to View)
Shigiya - Cam Grinder GCMH-30 - Video
Kataoka - Key way Milling with Cam & Journal Grinding - Video
Kataoka - cam milling machine - Video
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