Impact International, Kobe, Japan has a suitable range of CNC Machines for Camshaft Machining operations like, Turning, Facing & Centering, Cam Milling, Straightening, Cam & Journal Grinding.
It has tie-ups with leading manufacturers like Shimada, Kataoka, Towa-Seiki make machines are available with us for Machining of Camshaft.

The anatomy of a camshaft is important to understand as CNC machines create five basic segments to make it – bearing journals, lifter lobes, distributor gear or timing lug, gear mount, and fuel pump lobe. It is not important that there should be five segments but lifter lobes, bearing journals and gear mount is of utmost importance and here at Impact International, Kobe we make sure that our customers would know that we take each and every part into consideration before we make communication.

Machining ProcessManufacturersType of Equipment
TurningShimadaTurning Machine
Facing & CenteringKataokaSpecial Machine
Cam MillingKataokaMilling Machines
StraighteningTowa-SeikiStraightening Press
Cam & Journal GrindingKataokaGrinding Machine
Multimedia Asset (Click to View)
Shigiya - Cam Grinder GCMH-30 - Video
Kataoka - Key way Milling with Cam & Journal Grinding - Video
Kataoka - cam milling machine - Video
Towa-Seiki - Video