Impact International, Kobe, Japan has a suitable range of CNC Machines for Camshaft Machining operations like Turning, Hobbing, Shaping, Shaving, Gear Teeth Grinding, Gear Teeth Honing, Deburring, Skiving, Hob Cutter Grinding, Spline Roll Forming. 

We are in association with leading and reliable companies like Shimada, Kashifuji, Seiwa, Hamai, Karatsu, Kanzaki, Sanyo, Senjo-Seiki that make machines for gears with a single point agenda to increase productivity and enhance quality.

The given machines drastically reduce the time and skilled operators are generally not needed for it. 

Machining ProcessManufacturersType of Equipment
Turning MachinesShimadaCNC Multispindle Automats
HobbingKashifuji, Seiwa, HamaiTurning Machine
ShapingKaratsu, Nachi-FujikoshiShaping Machines
ShavingKanzakiShaving Machines
Gear Teeth GrindingKanzaki, SeiwaGear Grinding Machines
Gear Teeth HoningKanzaki, SeiwaGear Honing Machines
DeburringSanyo, Senjo-SeikiDeburring Machine
SkivingKashifujiSkiving Machine
Hob Cutter GrindingKashifuji, SeiwaGrinding Machine
Spline Roll FormingNachi-FujikoshiRoll Forming Machine
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Shimada - Video
Karatsu - Video
Nachi-Fujikoshi - Video
Kanzaki - Video
Sanyo Deburring & Chamfering Machine - Video
Senjo-Seiki - Video