IMPACT INTERNATIONAL assists and services their customers by Identifying, Sourcing, Procuring (to Exact and Detailed Specifications), Coordinating Shipments, Monitoring Contracted Activities and by Assuring Proper and Satisfactory Installation and Commissioning of the Specific Ordered Equipment, at the Customers’ Stipulated Factory Premises.


Impact International Services are:

1. Sourcing
2. Procurements
3. Coordinating Shipments
4. Monitoring Contracted Activities
5. Commissioning & Installation of Ordered Equipment at Stipulated Factory Premises
6. Provision of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Products for Industrial Purposes.
7. Provision of Factory Automation and Transfer Systems and Devices.
8. Coordination of Collaborations and Joint Ventures.

Impact International represents TOP-NAME Manufacturers’ Products, such as:

1. CNC and SPM
CNC Machines and Special Purpose Machines (SPMs). Special, Pressure Die Casting Machines for Aluminum Components.

2. Die, Mould and Components
Dies, Moulds for Plastic Injection and for Metal Parts for Automotive and Industrial Applications. Dies for Pressure Die Casting (PDC) & for Gravity Die Casting (GDC) Aluminum Components. Pattern Equipment (Wooden & Metal) for SG-Iron Castings (Automotive & Industrial). Press Tools for Sheet-Metal, (for Automotive & Industrial Applications related) Components.

3. SPM Accessories And Attachments
Mechanical and Hydraulic Feed Units and Spindle Units for SPM Building. CNC Tilting and Rotary Indexing Tables.

4. Production / Mfg.
Semi-Finished, Finished OEM-Components, and Raw Materials for Specific Requirements. Production Parts for Internal Combustion (Automotive & Industrial) Engine Components. Factory Automation and Transfer Systems and Devices.