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October 3, 2023by admin
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We recently had a unique situation, where the customer had a requirement of eccentric turning of a very small component, about 6 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length. As this was a new requirement from one of his clients, neither his client nor our customer had any input samples for us to visualize and suggest a suitable machine.

In this connection, we used the customer’s provided drawings and produced 3D printed parts which we provided to our selected associate companies. They in turn studied the part and drawing and suggested a machine from one of their product lines which could do this machining activity. We accordingly selected one of these associates who we felt could provide the suitable solution.

We accordingly provided our customer with a technical and commercial proposal. Though the customer was ready to place the order, due to the uncertainty of the results, we decided to conduct some trials before accepting the order. We, Impact International, invested in the required toolings and fixtures by which time the customer was also able to arrange some trial components for us. Our associate company conducted trials successfully after which we finalized the order with our customer.

Once the machines were ready, we conducted trials in Japan, after which we invited our customer for trials in his presence. The machines were subsequently shipped to India, then commissioned under our supervision and are now successfully producing the part to desired accuracies.


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