Impact International, Kobe, Japan has a suitable range of CNC Machines for a variety of components that need friction welding operations. The components like Engine Valves, Drive Shafts, Pistons, Transmission Gears, Turbo Chargers, Bumper Shafts, Axles, Suspension Components and many more components need friction welding.

Our valuable and reliable machine solutions like Nitto Seiki, make machines are available with Impact International for Friction Welding of a variety of components.

Various benefits of CNC machines like Nitto Seiki FF10 and Nitto-Seiki FF20 are that they are manufactured here in Japan with quality assurance. These friction technologies are widely used by the manufacturing and automotive industry from pistons, camshaft, rear axle housings which give precise control over joining time and welded length to minimize the loss of your materials. To know more, we would recommend that you watch our videos.

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