Impact International, Kobe, Japan has a suitable range of CNC Machines for Cylinder Head Machining operations that have unmatched Precision and has user-friendly Block Blueprinting and Machining.

Our CNC machines are capable of overcoming limitations with their unique technology while providing our customers with the best support and training. And with these combinations, our customers are able to get the services that are best in the market.

With our partner manufacturers like Sakurai, Kira and Kuraki, we can machine cylinder heads and engine blocks to incredible tolerances while maintaining amazing surface finishes all with one machine. The machines manufactured by these companies can do functions like, Rough Milling, Drilling, Tapping, VS/VG Machining, Fine Boring.

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Rough Milling-Drilling, Tapping

Sakurai, Kira, Kuraki

CNC Machining Centers

Fine Boring

Sakurai, Kuraki,

Special Machines, Machining Centers

VS/VG Machining



Complete Machining Line Sakurai


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